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Flexible retirement

Flexible retirement

You are entitled to an old-age pension when you reach the ‘reference age’ (previously ‘normal retirement age’). For men, it is 65. For women, it is currently 64, but from 1st January 2025, it will rise by three-month increments every year.

From 2028, the reference age will be 65 for both women and men.
Women born between 1961 and 1969 are entitled to measures that compensate for the increase in the reference age from 1st January 2025, provided that they start to draw their pension at the reference age or later. However, they are not entitled to these measures if they take their old-age pension early.
Under flexible retirement age rules, you can take your old-age pension

  • early: from the age of 63 (or from the age of 62 for women born between 1961 and 1969) and by individual months or years;
  • late: by between one and five years after reaching reference age (you may cancel the deferral of your old-age pension on a monthly basis before the maximum deferral period has expired).

It is also possible to withdraw or defer all or part of your old-age pension. The portion can be claimed in francs or whole percentages and must be between 20 % and a maximum of 80 % of the retirement pension to which you are entitled.

If you take your old-age pension early, you will receive a reduced old-age pension for the full duration of your retirement. The reduction will be calculated on the basis of actuarial principles and, like the pension itself, will be periodically adjusted to changes in salaries and prices. Under certain conditions, you have the option of cancelling the early withdrawal of your old-age pension if you are awarded a disability pension.

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