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DI Office for people living abrad OAIE

The tasks of the DI Office for people living abroad (OAIE) include processing applications from insured people abroad and paying out compensation as part of:
  • Voluntary insurance
  • Bilateral agreements on the free movement of people between the Swiss Confederation and the European Union and EFTA states
  • International agreements on social security

DI Office for people living abroad OAIE

No 27

IV-Stelle für Versicherte im Ausland IVSTA
Avenue Edmond-Vaucher 18
Postfach 3100
1211 Genf 2

Phone:+41(0)58 461 91 11
Fax: +41(0)58 461 99 50
E-Mail:[email protected]
Web page:www.zas.admin.ch