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318.370 - Old-age pension application form


In the interests of a prompt assessment of your application, we kindly request that you ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. Please mark the appropriate box.

Please note that the rate of the age-old pension to which you are entitled will only be calculated when you have reached retirement age. The rate is calculated according to the total periods of contribution that you have accumulated, your earnings, as well as any educational and child care credits you have received. The income accumulated by your spouse or registered partner during the calendar years in which your marriage or registered partnership subsisted, will be halved and each half will be credited to each spouse. If only one spouse or partner is entitled to a pension, the income will not be divided. As soon as the other spouse or partner becomes eligible for a pension, the rate of both pensions will be re-calculated.

The present application should be submitted at least three to four months prior to the date on which you wish to start drawing your pension. It should be sent to the compensation fund which had been responsible for collecting your AVS contributions prior to your retirement. If the spouse / partner already receives a pension, the registration must be submitted to the compensation office that makes these payments. A list of addresses can be found at www.ahv-iv.ch.


Print out the completed form. Please do not forget to sign the form.

Additional information:

The assessment of your application shall comply with the following legislation:

Paper version for print

If you want to fill in the form by hand, you can use the below PDF file. This version can not be completed online.