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318.282 - Pension forecast application form

In the interests of a prompt assessment of your application, we kindly request that you ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. Please mark the appropriate boxes.

Please note that we can only provide forecasts for 1st pillar (AVS/AI) pensions. All calculations are based solely on the information that you have submitted. The precise rate of the AVS or AI pension to which you will be entitled can only be calculated when the insured risk (old-age, death or invalidity) materialises.

Applicants who are married or in a registered partnership should be advised that their spouse/partner must also complete a separate pension forecast application form. Both applications must be submitted jointly to the same compensation fund. A list of compensation fund addresses can be found at www.ahv-iv.ch. This will make it possible to calculate the total amount of contributions paid at the time of the joint receipt of AVS or AI benefits.

Print out the completed form. Please do not forget to sign the form.

Additional information

The assessment of your application shall comply with the following legislation:

Paper version for print

If you want to fill in the form by hand, you can use the below PDF file. This version can not be completed online.